Saturday August 31, 2019

Apologies: Audrey, Teresa, Harkiran

Present: Sandra, Vee, Meagan, Linda

President’s Report: Due to personal circumstances only activity we are holding is printmaking workshop at Melton South Community Center.  They had been going quite well. We have ordered printmaking equipment which has arrived.  We have started on etching.

Treasurer’s Report: We have 4763.25$ Zartart order needs to be placed. Printmaking materials purchased.

AGM to be organised at end of September called by Sandra, seconded by Vee, passed unanimously
School Holliday Workshops 25th 26th and 2nd of October  Workshops to be cut down due o Sandra’s personal reasons. Only day and half by Harkiran and Audrey
Markets: Christmas Market – Meagan to book 2 in if there is man power 1st and 3rd, Cornwall Park Market restarting in October

Meeting with Madeleine: we get wall to exhibit the work and Raglan Cottage to be booked Friday

Botanic Garden Tree – Vee has spoken with FMBG committee , 258$ for paint allocated, animals have to be realistic, we need to work out what paint we want and give shopping list to John Bentley which he can get at discount. Animals to spiral up around tree starting with aquatic to airborne creatures. Audrey to help with Illustrations?

Meagan moved to accept cash memberships, Sandra second, unanimously passed

Girl Scouts Vee to take lead, to communicate with Girl Scouts, we to include in cost materials and time, they pay for materials time to be charged when job finished

Melton West Primary School to be turned down. Meagan to communicate with the school.

Sandra makes motion to pay insurance, Vee seconded, passed unanimously

Lakeside Live – Sandra, Vee, Linda, Audrey, Meagan, October 13 paint in public

Last School Holiday Takings 69.30$, to be kept markets

Float should be 100$

Sandra to donate square payment system.

Organise the date to remove ACM materials of Sandra’s premises. To be completed following Saturday.

Hope Street dragging feet to pick up artwork.  To be stored at Meagan’s home.

Vee and Meagan to get involved in Dream Big.

Community Garden – No Update