COMMITTEE MEETING  21st of September 2018 Minutes

  1. Apologies Noomi, Linda, Archana
  2. Present Robyn, Sandra, Vee, Meagan, Audrey, Teresa
  3. Minutes have been accepted
  4. Robyn to follow up with Alisha about boxes
  5. Trinity from Djerriwarh Health made proposal for the group
    1. DJ Health want have extra budget 450$ that has to be spent by end of September
    2. Funding is from Gender Equity, so it has to be spent with something based on that
    3. Proposal for fluid art workshop to create the artwork for DJ Health, open to everyone, no excluding anyone 180$ on paint 110$ floetrol, 70 canvas rest on labour and all costs to add up to $450
    4. ACM to create one large work for DJ Health, Robyn to raise invoice
    5. Artwork to be displayed on Decmber 4th from 6:30 pm at the Melton Library
    6. Painting to be completed during DJ Festival in November at DJ Health Marquee
    7. Painting to be controlled shape – possibly angel wings
    8. Sandra’s canvas to be used
    9. DJ Health has tarp to be used
  6. Treasurer’s Report:
    1. Bank Balance 850.64$
    2. 3 new memberships received
      1. Carolyn Aldred
      2. Valerie Fisher
      3. Jan White
    3. Outgoings are market fees
  7. President’s Report
    1. Dream Big Festival was great success, everyone was happy with us, artshow was good, 18 artists age 14 to 90. Group got promoted and group members had few sales, Sandra has put us down for festival again next year however it will not go through John but instead through DJ Health, Separate project management team will manage it
    2. Visit to Mt Atkinson Sandra and Robyn, met with Mark, The estate is beautiful with temporary art room, shearers barn will be converted to art space that we can use.
      1. Robyn to write summary and send it to Mark
      2. It is beautiful space that schools can use as well, that is currently used by number of community groups
      3. This is great opportunity for us
      4. Space is heritage listed
      5. Group to contribute towards expenses
      6. Pottery can’t be done on site
      7. Group voted to move to Mt Atkinson
      8. Community Library delivered to Melton South Community Center and DJ Health, It has been wonderful to see community using it, group has received 180$
      9. Community Fluid art workshop was great success, great for promotion of the group
      10. School workshops x 3 is generating the income for the group about 500$
      11. Melton City Council meeting has been positive for our group, most of the councillors in their report mentioned our group in positive light.
      12. Met with Cr De Santis and Tegan from Hope Street re diversity wall, they are very excited about the project for next year. Cr. De Santis will be coming with us to the schools during the project to talk about homelessness, funds raised will be used for emergency accommodation vouchers so they stay in Melton
  8. General Business
    1. DJ Festival Meeting with Madeleine is next week, Noomi is organising it.
    2. Diversity Wall letters need to be written
      1. Audrey to help out Sandra
      2. Include in each letter a tile
      3. CDs are very difficult to obtain, in couple thousand
      4. Someone needs to meet with Sarah about hanging options, as bluetack is not best option.
      5. All sizes and shapes are written in proposal
      6. 3Ms are too expensive
      7. Subcommittee to be formed
        1. Sandra
        2. Audrey
        3. Vee
        4. Meagan
        5. Set up messenger chat

3. Lakeside Festival

  • We got offered 550$ as a group
  • A member in group asked to keep that money for themselves which is not feasible
  • If money is offered to the group it stays within group, group is happy to reimburse the expenses
  • To participate in festival is Robyn, Sandra, Audrey and ask in group for more
  • We have to be self sufficient, no power provided
  • Group voted to participate
  • Robyn to send out invoice


  • If money is offered to the group it stays within group, group is happy to reimburse the expenses Accepted unanimously
  • Audrey’s fundraising party – sip and pour party, Sandra to help out Audrey by running the session with her cousins, max 14 people, October 6 noon – 3, Audrey providing materials – Thank you Audrey for being generous
  • Group exhibition subcommittee to be formed
    1. Audrey
    2. Sandra
    3. Leianne
    4. Meagan
    5. Set up separate messenger chat
  1. Insurance next week Wednesday, we cannot apply for grants until that is sorted
  2. Bunnings BBQ
    1. Sandra needs volunteer
    2. Robyn to fill out the form and send it to Bunnings
  3. Karen Sell resigned from committee due to family commitments
  4. FMBG has trivia night
    1. Sandra to donate painting valued at 200$
  5. Audrey would like group to apply for the grants to complete artwork at her school
  6. Sandra has sent email to Cr. Hardey re: wall for the group at council chambers and DJ festival to bring back arts and crafts show, he has indicated that it is supported by most of the councillors
  7. Sandra to draw up timeline of everything that is going on.
  8. Robyn to organise annual destash market at guides hall possibly at the Guides Hall, possibly in June.