1. Aplologies: Linda, Archana, Alisha
  2. Attendees: Sandra, Robyn, Meagan, Naomi, Audrey, Teresa
  3. Minutes of committee meeting read and accepted
  4. Finance report by treasurer
    1. As of last night there is $1007.20 in the bank
    2. 20 members paid, as of June 30 19 paid members
    3. Eyensbury Market $16 raised
    4. Workshops $116.20 donated to the group
      1. Happy rocks $20
      2. Dreamcatchers $10
      3. Manga Drawing $30
      4. Fluid art $56
      5. $1032 in receipts and 1 expense of 25$
      6. EOFY financial report has been prepared there has been $900 as of end of the year
      7. ACTION: Robyn to email committee members the EOFY report
  1. Roles are being defined so everyone will know what needs to be done in order for the group to be functioinal. We need to get more members to participate.The role of the newsletter editor has been delayed until the group grows more.
    1. Social Media Manager role has been split to make the workload more bearable. 3 new roles have been defined and created Public Facebook Page Manager, Closed Facebook Group Manager and Instagram Group Manager. It has been raised that the posts on Instagram and public Facebook page need to be more frequent in order to keep the page more relevant. Robyn has stated that Alisha is happy to continue with the role as long as role is specified. Due to the large amount of work for one person to perform the role it has been decided that Teresa Walters will help out Alisha with the role. She is to be given the admin access. Negative sarcastic comments are to be deleted from public Facebook page. Robyn is to provide link to disclaimer for the page about opinions and views that is to be posted on public FB page.
    2. Public Facebook manager role has been defined and accepted with modifications please see the role definition document.
    3. Closed group is for financial members only. ACTION: Linda is to approach the group members and gently ask if they will get membership and direct them to public page.
    4. ACTION: Sandra will close the option on public Facebook page so all posts have to be approved by the admin
    5. It has been decided not to do paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram. It has been agreed not to open PayPal account.
    6. It has been raised to set up shop option on public Facebook page, or on Website. It has been delayed, and possibly to look on setting it on website only down the track.
    7. Social Media Closed Facebook Page Manager role has been defined, please refer to the appropriate document on website.
    8. ACTION: Automatic response is to be set up on closed Facebook page that we have received the request and are reviewing it
    9. ACTION: everyone schedules their own workshops in closed Facebook Page.
    10. ACTION: Audrey to advertise the group outside the social media.
    11. ACTION: Naomi to contact the radio stations
    12. ACTION: Audrey to take on the advertising and delegate the tasks to other group members
    13. ACTION: Sandra to organise through Madeleine the flyers in library
    14. ACTION: Sandra to design the posters and pass it to everyone as pdf.
    15. Social Media Instagram Manager role defined please refer to appropriate document.
    16. Group Market Stall Subcommittee
      1. Sandra and Meagan
      2. Role defined refer to the appropriate document
  • Sandra and Meagan to go to market on 22/7
  1. Secretary role has been defined, some of the tasks have been redelegated
    1. Will receive all new member forms, verify them for payment received, keep update the member register – Treasurer
    2. Will notify the Website manager of the changes to committee mailing lists and newsletter mailing lists – Treasurer
    3. In consultation with the president develop and distribute meeting agenda – President
    4. Will post minutes on website with appropriate menu links – President
    5. Maintaining all important documents of the organization – Treasurer
  1. ACTION: Naomi to come over to Sandra’s on August 3 to learn to update website
  • ACTION: Sandra to investigate in setting up apologies on website
  • ACTION: Sandra: Rules book is to be set up and everything will be placed in one spot on website
  1. ACTION: Robyn is to set up register of passwords excluding passwords for the bank, possible to set up in notes section on bank account
  1. Grants update – Audrey
    1. Leader grant we got rejected because there is no leader news in Melton
    2. Pick My Project we do not qualify because it is for big projects
    3. Establishment grant Audrey is getting quotes for public liability
    4. Another grant in September/October to apply
    5. From now on when applying to grants add 10% as admin cost and use it for insurance costs
  2. Website Update – Sandra
    1. Public access content is mostly done
    2. Cleanup is still to be done
    3. All information about group is being set up there
    4. ACTION: Robyn to fix English on articles
  3. Update on proposed member level changes
    1. Committee agreed to allow members from Western Suburbs
    2. Levels of membership are as as follows
      1. Full financial member – 20$ a year membership, voting rights, lives in Western suburbs , free or discounted group workshops
      2. Minor family members of the full financial members, no voting rights can participate in workshops for free or discounted, no membership fee
      3. Associate group – 50$ a year membership, no voting rights, its members can participate in workshops and activities for 50% discounted rate
      4. Supporter – 10$ a year membership, 50% discounted rate for workshops and activities
      5. Honorary Membership – free membership, free access to workshops and activities, have been given free membership to the group by the committee for their extraordinary contribution to the group on year by year basis
      6. Action: Robyn to change wording for membership on group page to include members from western suburbs
  1. Update on Projects
    1. Dream Big
      1. Sandra is helping with Dream Big
      2. Sandra to run workshop with kids to create fluid art painting, Sandra and Dream big paying for materials, work to be donated to Melton South Community Centre
      3. Art Show – group needs to participate to show support for local activities
  1. Art Battle during homelessness week
    1. Sandra donated logo work
    2. Members participating on August 9th 11-13
    3. Bunnings donating materials
  1. Art Work to be created and sold off for charity
  1. Wyndham Arts Collective soirée
    1. ACTION: Sandra and Meagan to go and pick up info
  2. DJ Festival
    1. We need funds group workshops
    2. Possible playdough, NOT SLIME, Colouring books
  1. Next school holidays
    1. Directive drawing with Audrey age 6-10
    2. Happy Rocks – Sandra
    3. Doodling on shoes