Apologies Noomi, Archana (MIA) Linda running late (10:10am)

Present Sandra, Teresa, Vee, Meagan, Robyn

  1. Presidents Report
    1. Bacchus Marsh Strawberries and Cherries successful, and raised funds for the group, as well provided promotion throughout the area
    2. Preparing for the Summer Workshops, it is wonderful that part of the group has stepped up and offered variety of workshops to children. Thank you to Vee for donation of the rocks for workshops
    3. Special thank you to Djerriwarh Health for ongoing sponsorship for space for workshop – to send thank you letter
    4. Thank you to Pam Madej at Melton South Community Centre
    5. Grants Linda has filled forms out, waiting to hear back on Feb 8 2019
      1. As we were grant applicant we are required to show up for the function
        1. Sandra, Vee, Meagan
  2. Treasurer’s Report
      1. 31st of December we had 2425$ in bank
      2. Robyn to obtain Leianne’s bank details to sort out Markets
      3. Thank you to Krissy for 100$ donation from DJ Festival
      4. Two new memberships paid
      5. All outgoings have been paid
  3. General Business
    1. Upcoming grants
      1. Projects needed
      2. Someone to investigate the grants to see what we can apply
      3. Volunteers for the Tabcorp Grants events
      4. Apply for grant for Marquee, tables, picture rails and banner – Robyn to give link to Linda
    2. 2 festivals coming up
      1. Bacchus Marsh Harvest Fest – in March NO
      2. Bacchus Marsh Easter Fest – on Good Friday
      3. Twilight Market St Dominics – NO
    3. Diversity Wall
      1. Schools confirmed
        1. Melton South Primary School – waiting for callback, last approval needed
        2. Rockbank Primary School – through DJ health, DJ health will buy emergency vouchers for Hope Street and donate them in our name
        3. St Dominics happy to engage with us, art teacher Rosemary amazing
        4. Christ The Priest – Audrey
      2. Volunteers needed
      3. Wall is going up week before March 21st Harmony Day
      4. We need WWC for everyone all hands on deck
      5. Volunteers Vee, Sandra, Val, Tanya ? , Jenny?
      6. We need more people volunteering than standard guilty parties
      7. Crates from Alysha – Robyn to follow up
    4. Plein Air on 18th, Media coverage
    5. Raglan Cottage
      1. Robyn had meeting with Madeleine
      2. We are approved to apply
      3. We need to provide dates and times
      4. Original price 14.30$ per hour
      5. We need to apply to special consideration use $7.50/h
      6. Possible days put in
        1. 2 Fridays of month
        2. 1 Saturday afternoon, second sat of the month 6:30-9pm
        3. AGM
    6. Members need to apply for personal development grants
    7. Atkinson DJ Health will talk to Mark, and possibly cover part of the expenses
      1. Hour per hour proposal was unacceptable
      2. Not central, no public transport
    8. Market Costs
      1. Costs are too high for artists
      2. Group to fund part of the cost for the Market
      3. Thank you to Meagan for hard work around markets
      4. Banner above area
      5. Way tables set up needs to be fixed, tables need to raised as they are low
      6. Meagan is boss for market what she says goes, artists should contact Meagan about any concerns
      7. Artists should be able to interact to customers
      8. Artists to pay 10$ per market, 10% and gap is covered by the group
      9. Musicians can possibly busk for free Robyn to check
      1. Vee to look into bringing crafting group under our wing
    9. Sandra to set up online shop
      1. Sandra to donate software
      2. Sandra to install
      3. Linda to manage, 20% cut, (Linda to take part of the cut of 10% group takes 10%)
      4. We will not process the payments, we will just act as a bridge between artist and customer
      5. We need to attract other artists and provide them with venue for sales
      6. The software is easy to administer through wizard
      7. Max items per artist 5 items per person per month
    10. Williamstown Botanic Gardens have artists exhibit in gardens once a year, we should set up something similar in Melton
      1. Possibly in May?
      2. Plein Air at same time and have fun
      3. Talk to John
      4. Invite musical artists at same time
      5. Amphitheatre as possibility
    11. Sandra and Robyn overloaded we need someone to do minutes based on recording
      1. Looking for hands up
      2. Meagan to bring computer to Sandra to fix
      3. Meagan to take on minutes