• Archana could not make it but will phone in for the vote at 7:45pm
  • Linda is running late
  • Krissy submitted proxy vote
  • Susan Denyer submitted proxy vote
  • Amy McDonald submitted proxy vote
  • Meagan running late
  • Karen is running late
  • Noomi running late

Minutes from previous meeting accepted.

Presidents Report We had very busy few months and accomplished quite a lot.  As a group we should be pretty proud especially as we managed to fundraise a lot. The website has been finished, public Facebook page has been finalised and we have over 100 followers. We are actively going to Melton City Council meetings, space that we will be getting from council is in the works, we are waiting on MUA. It is supposed to be Raglan Cottage every Friday plus 1 weekend a month, otherwise we got offered to use GAP for the workshops, however we would have to pay the rent. Susan Denyer has offered to pay $260 towards the rent for the group. We go told for Raglan cottage the rent would be $26? Every few weeks. Leianne is to find out about using the GAP and the costs.  Matthew Willson called Sandra and suggested we use GAP for the workshops. We would be needing to apply for the grant for the space usage.  Workshops for the kids have been success and we got the number of donations as well as space for workshops got paid for by Djerriwarrh Health Services. Thank you for all volunteers for hard work. Possibility of decorating the new Melton Health Building with artwork, paperwork needs to be signed, artwork to be displayed on walls and on two large TVs at the entrance. We need to maintain the momentum of doing good works. We need to do whatever it needs to be done for community to foster the artistic talent. We need to keep doing Eyensbury Market. Robyn is arranging for us to move to the other side of marquee where there is no direct sunlight.  We need to keep doing art demos. Opportunity to work with the Hope Street next year as a part of the Diversity Wall project.  Meeting is to be organised with Hope Street to discuss Diversity Wall. Next time we do paint off we need to have donation tin on the ground.  Suggestion to run a raffle to raise the funds. Krissy wants to donate one of her head pieces, opportunity not to be missed next year. Dream big is coming with opportunity to exhibit there.  We will have over 50m of wall space we can use. The hanging system is to be installing it. Dream Big festival is very important festival for the community. To investigate the barn on barriers road for the art space. Rumormill about the heritage listed space we can get at Mt. Atkinson.  Council reassured us that they will help us with the insurance costs which is $1800. DJ festival is coming up, Madeleine has offered us workshops where we get paid, my workshops are going to go to the group, which should be 180$. Krissy – making dress made of net, with feathers of hopes and dreams. She will be donating part of proceeds to the group. All dealings with the Library to be signed off in advance.  We have done wonderful with the Art Battle and raised the funds for the Hope Street Foundation. Group exhibition is scheduled for December in Melton South Community Center.

Treasurers Report:  End of the year report. The balance Sheet and income statement and statement of change of equity and cash flow got accepted and signed. $380 of membership dues,  earned $516 as of June 30 we have $871 in the bank. We need to get the grant for insurance this year, next year we have to pay it, we have to draw up the budget and deposit the amount throughout the year.  We have legal requirement to operate in the black. If by April we do not have money for insurance for next year we need to cease operating. We need to be banking money. We need minimum of $2000 plus $300 auditing fee unless Sandra finds someone to do it for free.  This year we do not have to be audited as we do not have enough transactions.  $57.80 is to lodge annual statement.

BBQ at bunnings for fundraising possibility to investigate further.  We need to have someone with food handling license.

Audrey to contact the Audrey to contact the Rotary Club of Carolyne Springs re sponsorship or donation towards the group.

Reports by the committee members:

  1. Audrey – put in paperwork for the establishment grant with the Melton City Council. As soon we get that one we need to apply for another grant in October for Diversity Wall. We need to split the grants between multiple persons.  Audrey will be stepping down from grants due to family commitments.  Audrey is happy to keep doing media.  She has contacted the Star Weekly, to be put in. With Carolyne Springs to be put in the newsletter.
  2. Noomi – working on advertising with local radio.
  3. Sandra – market did great, from now on cost of the stall will be split between everyone participating. Minimum of 2 people to be present at any time. Lots of membership forms got handed out none have come back.


Membership form is to be amended to include new

Questions for committee:

  • Charging for workshops – possibility
  • Setting up life drawing workshops to raise the funds. We have someone offering for free.  To be set up Friday or Saturday nights.
  • We cannot charge for children’s workshops due to insurance

Financial statements accepted. Annual report has been accepted.

The new committee has been voted in.

Noomi to keep being secretary, responsibilities have been split between roles differently.

Alisha does not want to be on committee

Karen, Archana and Teresa to do social media, Sandra to help.

Archana and others indicated they want to stay on committee.

Robyn will stay on as treasurer.

Harkiren was no unconctable.

Linda stays Vice President.

Sandra stays President.

Sandra and Megan Markets

Vee to join committee.

No objections, unanimous vote.  Leianne made motion, Meagan seconded. 

DJ festival.

Dream big everyone to put in their work.

Workshops done with schools by Sandra to be paid to the group.

Diversity wall schools have to be approached.  Sandra to write the letter. Vee to proofread

List of schools needs to be compiled.

Alisha to drop of bread boxes to Sandra.

28th Sandra, Robyn and Noomi to lodge statements.

DJ festival minders assigned – Meagan, Vee, Sandra, Illyana, Tamara

Sandra to make t-shirts for the DJ Festival

Start planning for annual show in December.- Sandra, Leianne, Audrey, Meagan to for subcommittee.