8th June 2018

Attendees:         Sandra, Linda, Robyn, Meaghan.

Apologies:           Audrey, Archanaa, Alisha,

Resigned:            Harkiren

Minutes of sub-committee meetings read, proposed to accept, Sandra, seconded Linda.


  1. Diversity Wall
  2. Workshops for winter school holidays
  3. Grants
  4. Market
  5. Fundraising
  6. Group Show 2018



Item 1   Diversity Wall

Deferred until 2019. Madeleine suggested that it would work well in Harmony Week, with an installation date of March 18th.

  • Proposal to all schools by October 31st, 2018, with a list of participants in November 2019.
  • Gold coin donation from children to homeless youth.
  • Approach local businesses for financial assistance.
  • Total cost estimated at $3,000, calculated at $0.65 per tile.

Item 2   Workshops

  • Library not available due to lack of Public Liability Insurance.
  • Bernadette Duffy has offered facilities at Melton South Community Centre. Sandra will check it out for suitability. The centre will cover the cost for three days.
  • Krissy will teach Dreamcatchers, Audrey will do Manga, Sandra will Fluid Art.
  • Meaghan will work set-up and or clean up.
  • The rest of us will assist as needed.
  • Reminder for Working With Children certification.




Item 3   Artist Space

  • Immediate
  • Raglan Cottage with modifications as requested.
  • Waiver for Insurance
  • Security screen doors front and rear.
  • Windows to be made functional to allow ventilation in space in all rooms.
  • Provision of one or two disabled parking spaces in front.
  • May need additional tables and chairs as we will probably need to use all three rooms. We will try to source these from Bunnings.


  • Short Term, within 5 years
  • .Dedicated space within new building in Station Road.
  • Specified Requirements
  • Use each Friday, including school holidays
  • Use on one or two week-ends each month
  • Hard floors surfaces that can be cleaned easily
  • Deep, double stainless steel sinks
  • Lock up space for tools, equipment and art-work, ideally 3m x 3m and partially shelved.
  • Tables and chairs that can be cleaned
  • Power outlets near some tables
  • Re-positionable white lights
  • Tea and coffee making facilities


  • Long Term, absolute ideal
  • As for Short Term, but to include a permanent gallery exhibition site.

Item 4   Markets

                We voted to try to continue taking a market stall at Eynesbury Market as a means of advertising and recruiting members for three months. The cost is $44 per stall, and we proposed that members who wished to take part would pay $10 each, but there would be no levy to the Collective, but we will accept any donations gratefully.

                The Collective will advance a float of $60, Robyn to organise.

                Robyn will donate small paper bags for packaging, members to supply packing for larger items.

                Robyn to cost the purchase of a self-inking stamp.




Item 5   Fund Raising

                Three main areas of fund-raising are available to us.

  1. Grants – council and state government
  2. Business – via donations of either goods or money
  3. Members subscriptions


Audrey has volunteered to co-ordinate our grant submissions, Robyn can help when required, and Linda is available to proof read any documentation.

Refer to the minutes of meeting with Madeleine.


We will approach businesses on an ad hoc basis as required.


As previously discussed we will continue with the Eynesbury Market for at least another two months, then re-address the issue.

Sandra will design some flyers and Robyn will approach Madeleine to see if we can get them printed at the library either for a reduced price or free.

We can then do or best to get them posted in as many places as we can, e.g cafes, supermarkets, child care centres etc.

School Newsletters. Check with schools to see if they’ll put items in newsletters.

  • Meaghan to approach local public schools and the Specialist school
  • Sandra CRC, St Dominic’s, St Anthony’s
  • Audrey Christ the Priest
  • Alisha Arnold’s Creek