Committee meeting February 8, 2019


Meeting started at 9:55am
Apologies Archana and Noomi
Present Sandra, Linda, Robyn, Vee, Audrey and guest Shahana, Meagan

Presidents Report:

We have completed summer workshops with close to 80 children attending . 80$+ got deposited to account from it. Parent’s feedback was great, children enjoyed it.  Special thanks to Audrey, Vee and Harkiran for contributing their time, materials and sharing their knowledge.  Special thank you to all members who came to help out during workshops especially Val and Jenny.  There were enquiries into adult mandala workshops. Mandala workshops to be scheduled next time for teens.  It was wonderful to see kids with autism to enjoy themselves.

Discussions with Taylor’s Hill Neighbourhood house to recommence, Sandra to send costings to Audrey.

Pam is giving us 2 Saturdays in the month to run the workshops. The workshops for Printmaking and Folk Art have been set.

All hands on deck for diversity wall, Schools are  scheduled. St Dominics to go to 26th, 27th and 28th, Christ the Priest to be on 7th of March.  Rockbank to be scheduled, Melton South Primary School dragging their feet.

Linda and Harkiren organising poetry group.

Easter Fest stall is provided for free.  Group stall will be placed right next to Sandra and Phill so we can jump in and help when needed.  Meagan’s son will be helping set up group stall.  The market cost will be 10$ per person plus 10% to group.

Tresurer’s report:

We got 82$ for kids workshops , we got 2 new members till 31st of December. Leianne’s market fees need to be sorted asap.  Suggestion is to collect everyone’s bank account details  in advance next time before market. Suggestion to investigate square if we can do it without ABN/ACN.

2573$ in bank as 31 of December.

General Business:

 Sandra needs help with minutes.  Shahana volunteered for minutes

Audrey and Sandra to work on program with neighbourhood house at Taylor’s Hill.

Waiting on grants. Plan B in case we do not get it. Sandra to write letter to Bunnings asking for supplies.

Bunnings on frequent basis gets rid of wall paint. We need to raise hand to get the wall paint they are getting rid of.

Jenny donated mountain of tins of paint that can be used as backup.

Move the mixed media around due to following week so it is not on same week as printmaking workshop.

Committee to order paint from ZartArt. Set up account with ZartArt.

Djerrawarh Health has allocated us 3 3h workshops at Mt. Atkonson.

Brookside college after school program.  Audrey to talk to them.

School holiday programme subcommittee Sandra, Vee and Audrey

Sandra to set up reminder that membership fees are due by June 30.  One by end of April, one later.

Strawberries and Cherries Robyn has forgot to take 10% commission.  To be fixed.